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We’re currently accepting new clients.
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Divorce Therapy in NYC

The end of a relationship, even when it’s the right thing for everyone, is hard. Navigating a divorce is likely one of the most challenging things you will ever do. Therapy can help you work through this difficult transition and come out feeling healthier and more satisfied on the other side.

Whether you’re looking for divorce therapy for yourself or with your partner, the therapists at The Center for CBT in NYC are here to support you through every stage of the uncoupling process, so you can begin shifting your perspective from feeling sad and broken hearted to seeing the opportunities for growing, changing, and even finding love again.

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Who Should Consider Divorce Therapy?

The decision to divorce is difficult and painful, and it’s easy to understand why so many people find themselves focused on the negative parts of divorce – it’s the loss of a meaningful relationship, it’s the end of a chapter, and it leaves you with a broken heart. Therapy can help people who are getting a divorce to start seeing the healing and hopeful parts of this transition – it’s an opportunity to find and develop new relationships-most importantly with yourself, it’s the start of a new chapter, and it’s a chance to heal your broken heart.
As your marriage is ending, therapy can help you navigate the process of uncoupling with confidence, optimism, and empowerment. If you can relate to any of the following descriptions of getting a divorce, it may be time to consider divorce therapy:
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Image of an African American father and teenage son.
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Should children, adolescents, or teens with divorcing parents go to therapy?

Young people may really struggle when their parents are getting divorced or separating. As a parent, you want to support and comfort your child through this transition, but you’re struggling too. Therapy gives children and teens a safe space and an outlet to work through some of the things they’re experiencing with a neutral confidant. It also removes some of the stress from your shoulders, so you can work through your own difficulties with the transition. Managing your children’s feelings while healing your heart-break is too much for many people. Working with a therapist allows you to have a team approach to making sure your child feels safe and loved during this transition.

What can I expect during therapy?

Many people choose to seek out divorce therapy on their own to process the painful emotions and start healing their broken hearts. Others schedule relationship therapy sessions to have a safe space to talk through the divorce process with their partner. Whatever your needs or goals, a therapist can work with you and/or your partner to navigate this difficult time. We can continually adjust our therapy plan as your needs and goals change. We’re here to support you and offer a safe and stable environment to work through everything that comes up as you go through a divorce.

Who offers therapy for divorce?

One of the knowledgeable therapists on our team, Dr. Elizabeth Cohen, is an expert in helping people navigate divorce. You can learn more about Dr. Cohen, AKA the Divorce Doctor, by using the link below to explore her website dedicated to divorce therapy. You’ll also find free divorce resources and guides.


Who else offers therapy for divorce?

Each of our clinicians has years of unique training and experience that allow them to provide therapy using specific approaches that work best for certain clients. Our clinicians who provide divorce therapy are featured below, and you can learn more about them by visiting our team page.

What Should I Do Next?

When you’re ready to begin therapy, we hope you’ll consider contacting The Center for CBT in New York City. We offer a safe space where you are free to be who you really are and express yourself and your values authentically. We embrace, value, and welcome people of all sexual orientations, genders, and racial identities. The Center for CBT in New York City makes beginning your therapy journey simple. You can get started any time by completing our online consultation request form. One of our team members will be in touch within 24 business hours to answer your questions.

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