We’re currently accepting new clients.  Click here to get started.

We’re currently accepting new clients.
Click here to get started.

About the practice.

At The Center for CBT in NYC we deeply believe everyone’s experience matters.
We believe that people have the power to heal themselves and to create the life they most desire.

With our open hearts, we lead clients through pain and growth. We empower clients with wisdom, strength and honesty.

We have been awestruck by witnessing hundreds of clients break away from the fear, worry and despair that had once defined them, and heal their wounds and create the lives they had dreamed of.

By using our specialty in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, our clients have achieved synchronicity with the person they truly want to be. It is a unique gift to be part of their journey toward a new, healthy and fulfilling definition of themselves.

Our approach to therapy

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What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.

The Center for CBT in NYC provides comprehensive holistic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for children, adolescents and adults.

Therapists teach tangible tools to use when faced with hard decisions, overwhelm and communication struggles.

Clients, along with their therapist, create a personalized plan for managing their anxieties and worries.

Our goal is to help clients learn, grow and heal so they can feel comfortable and abundant in their lives.

Research supported strategies used at The Center for CBT in New York City include:

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