We’re currently accepting new clients.  Click here to get started.

We’re currently accepting new clients.
Click here to get started.


Are you looking for a caring, thoughtful and smart therapist who can teach you tools to navigate a difficult situation and challenging feelings?

Do you…
Do you want to…

Would you like a personalized counseling plan for how to handle your specific areas of anxiety, stress or strong emotions?

Then you have come to the right place.

“I think most people are annoyed by the ‘therapy language’ that is coming in, but I want to bring a humility to it. I think the fact that people are coming in wanting to talk about their ‘insecure attachment’ or their ‘avoidant personality disorder’ is kind of wonderful. I appreciate it helping us become less hierarchical in our profession. So I say, let’s be curious with them about it, instead of feeling like, ‘They don’t know what they’re talking about, because I am the expert.’”


The Center for CBT in New York City

What Your Therapist Doesn’t Tell You
New York Times, May 2023

In your presence lies the answer.

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The Center for CBT in NYC’s mission is to help people work through their fears, hesitations and blocks so they can feel the freedom to make choices; choices that will grow their lives to a place they never knew was possible.

Our therapists will help you show you how.

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